Name: Morten

Current Role: Key Account Manager, Sales Norway

How long have you been at P&G for? 3 years

If you had to describe what working at P&G is like in three words what would they be?

  • Winning
  • Fast-paced
  • Leadership

Why did you apply to P&G?

I wanted to work in a company with international career opportunities and with a focus to develop and invest in the employees, and P&G matched perfectly.

What do you do in your role on a day to day basis?

As Key Account Manager I am currently responsible for P&G`s total portfolio towards the biggest retailer in Norway. The role involves customer contact regarding logistics, marketing, sales and projects, and internal tasks such as financial operations, analysis, forecasting, and internal sales. No two days are ever the same, and that makes it exciting and challenging.

What has your training and development been like during your time with P&G?

It has been a steep learning curve throughout my years in P&G, and with internal recruitment it’s always new challenges ahead. The trainings have been a combination of best-in-class training programs and learning on the job.  I’ve attended Sales colleges in Amsterdam and Stockholm, and trainings in other various topics like negotiation, logistics, leadership and finance.  P&G equips you with the tools to excel in different assignments but the real learning happens on day to day work.

How is the work environment/culture at P&G?

The P&G Culture is truly amazing; it’s including, open and with a family spirit.

How have you been challenged at P&G?

At P&G you get responsibility from day 1, under guidance from your manager and it’s expected that you will work as a business owner and not just as an employee and I think that’s a big difference between P&G and other FMCG companies.

As you excel and master your current role you will get additional tasks, responsibilities and/or change into a more demanding role with a whole new set of challenges.

What advice would you give to somebody considering applying to P&G?

I would advise to take a couple of hours in peace and quiet to fill out the full online application and take the different tests with full focus. Before the potential interviews start the process of thinking about what you have done in the past (studies, work, hobbies, charity work etc.) and dig out examples where you showed passion for winning, leadership and teamwork. 

P&G is a great place to work and an amazing arena to learn.