• Career Opportunities at P&G

    How many vacancies do you have?

    We only post job advertisements if there are vacancies available. In many cases, the job advertisements for full-time or intern positions are not for one specific position but are generic for several possible entry positions within those functions. You will learn more about the concrete position later on in the recruitment process if we invite you for interviews in one of our offices.

    Can I apply to a specific job/business unit?

    Sometimes we have specific needs and in that case, we post a specific job description to which you can apply. However, normally it is a generic entry level position which we advertise because we are looking at potentials for a career within the company.

    The expectation is that you will change assignments roughly every 2 years taking into account your personal wishes and the business needs, so you will be able to experience further roles within that function or even within another function.

    Which career opportunities do I have at P&G?

    Our Build From Within approach means that you will start in the entry level position of the function you have applied for and face new and diverse challenges every day.

    From day one you will be given real responsibility that will increase over time into independent leadership of your area of activities; but along this path you will receive the support and guidance you need to succeed. For further information, please look at our 'Career Areas' tab at the top of the page to learn more about each function.

  • Applying to P&G

    Why is the application process so extensive?

    At P&G, we are proud that we develop talent almost exclusively from within. This means we are not just offering you your first job out of university, we are hiring you with the expectation you will grow into one of our future leaders. Maybe even our next CEO.

    For this reason, our hiring process is very challenging and rigorous. During this process, we learn about you, but you learn about us too. In fact, many successful candidates have told us that going through the process served as a great indicator of the intellectual challenges they would soon face in their P&G career.

    Why is the recruiting process the same for full time positions and internships?

    As a "build from within" organisation, we need to make sure that we hire the right talent from the very beginning. The process we go through to hire new people is therefore extremely important. A P&G internship offers you the chance to experience the impact you can have in our business early on, to understand diverse businesses, brands and products, to take business responsibility from day one, to learn and grow in a multifunctional, diverse environment, collaborating with P&G Managers and to develop your talents and ideas.

    Upon successful completion of your internship and availability of a suitable position, we will be able to consider you for full-time positions once you have graduated from university. Many of our managers have started in P&G with an internship. That is why the recruiting process is the same.

    How does the online application work?

    Within the job advertisement of your interest, click on “Apply Now” and set up an account with a user name and password. You will receive an e-mail to verify your password. Upon successful set-up of your account, you may start with the online application, which consists of three steps: An online form, the Success Drivers Assessment and the Reasoning Screen.

    You can complete the online assessment on your own pace, but please note that once you started the Success Drivers Assessment or Reasoning Screen, you will need to complete within the same session.

    Why is there an online assessment? Can't I just send you my CV?

    Due to the high volume of applications we receive, an online application system is needed to guarantee quick processing. Furthermore, part of our recruiting process involves online questionnaires which help us to screen candidates with respect to the competencies we look for and it is done much faster online.

    We thus kindly ask you to apply directly online to the job advertisement of your interest.

    I cannot find a vacancy of my interest. Can I send you my CV for future vacancies?

    Please understand that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we can accept only applications for current vacancies. If you could not find a vacancy of your interest, please revisit our website on a regular basis.

    Which documents do I need for applying?

    When filling out the online application form, you will be asked to paste your CV in English in one of the entry fields. Beyond that, you may provide us with any other documents you consider relevant for helping us get to know you, such as your CV in your own personal formatting, a cover letter, and transcripts of your diplomas or work references. You may upload up to five attachments of 250KB each.

    Who shall I address my cover letter to?

    Please address your cover letter to "Dear P&G Western European Talent Supply Team". Your application will automatically be received by the responsible recruiter.

    How do I know the status of my application?

    You can check your application by clicking here

    If I'm rejected, can I re-apply?

    If you have been rejected we will be able to consider a renewed application after at least 12 months so that you have sufficient time to develop your skills and experience to a point that would give you a greater chance of success when you reapply. Please mention in the online application form that you have applied already to P&G.

    How shall I prepare for the interview?

    To learn more about your talents and capabilities, our interviewers will ask you about your past experiences and accomplishments. Thus be ready to talk about your experiences, during internships and at school but also outside of school (association, sports, travel…).

    Our interviews are unique in that they have been designed to predict the likelihood of a successful fit between you and P&G. You should thus know who P&G are, what we do and what we stand for. Also know what you want in a career and prepare the questions you want to ask us. Please go to our 'What We Look For' section for more information.

  • What We Look For

    What is P&G looking for in a candidate?

    P&G is looking for students who have not only proven that they can obtain academic degrees and qualifications but who have also demonstrated passion and leadership in other aspects of their life. We seek dynamic students who have the capability to "get things done". This means a rich CV which highlights achievements outside of school as well as in school. We are looking for behaviours and achievements rather than a diploma.

    P&G recruits and develops its people against core competencies called Success Drivers. At the core of this model are our Purpose, our Values and our Principles. Find out more in our 'What We Look For' section.

    What are the requirements for the job I want to apply to?

    Please check the job advertisements you are applying for. These usually include the specific requirements relevant for the job.

    Is it essential to speak the language of the country where you want to apply?

    It depends on the function you apply for whether knowledge of the local language is needed. Please check the job requirements within the job advertisement of your interest.

    Is it essential to speak English to work at P&G?

    P&G is a multinational company and starting with your first day in the office, you will be likely to work with an international team. Being able to speak English is hence an important aspect when working for P&G and is required for the majority of positions. Please check the job requirements within the job advertisement of your interest for specific information.

    I have little professional experience, can I still apply?

    As we hire people who are just starting their career, it is normal that you do not have a lot of professional experience. Our 'Build from Within' approach means that you will start in the entry-level position of the function you have applied for and enjoy a series of 'on-boarding' sessions in your first months in the position.

  • Joining Options

    Do you offer positions for candidates with some years of professional experience?

    Based on our “Build from Within” approach, the majority of available positions are suitable for recent graduates who start in entry-level positions. We sometimes have vacancies for experienced candidates as well, particularly in functions that require a very specific professional education and background. You will find current vacancies by selecting the Job Category “Experienced” in the job search.

    Can I do an internship abroad?

    Yes. You should apply directly to the internship in the country which you prefer. Please note that you may need a work permit for the country you are applying for.

    How long are the internships?

    Internships can last from 10 weeks to 12 months depending on the function you are interested in. 

  • Working at P&G

    What is the starting salary at P&G?

    We apply 2 principles when defining our salaries:

    • We pay competitively: we review our salary ranges each year through benchmarking with the finest companies that compete with P&G for market share and people and ensure our salaries are set at the top level.
    • We pay for performance: Salaries increases happen steadily throughout your career and will vary based on your performance progression - each employee has their own salary plan to correctly reward each individual contribution.

    Besides the salary, we offer a range of additional benefits. You will learn more about the starting salary after having succeeded in the application process and when receiving an offer.

    What are the benefits?

    Besides basic salaries, P&G offers a wide range of benefits as you would expect it from a big company. You will find further information in the 'Benefits and Work-Life Balance' section under 'About Us' tab at the top of the page.

    What are the training opportunities at P&G?

    As people are our number one priority we do everything we possibly can to ensure that you contribute your maximum potential. We design our learning interventions for you, in the form of classroom trainings, internet-based courses or whatever suits you best as a learner, to help develop your management, leadership or other business-related or personal skills.

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