The last couple of years have been an incredible time for P&G in terms of External Recognition.

As a company we have also reached other key achievements in Diversity and Sustainability . Please click the links below for more information on our top achievements. 

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  • Top 5 Company for Diversity

    In the 2012 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity P&G competed with 587 other companies, and made significant strides. We came in at #5 and top in our industry, advancing from #25 in 2011. (April 2012)

    The 2012 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list was recently announced at a gala dinner in New York. Competing with 587 other companies, P&G made significant strides, coming in at #5 and top in our industry, advancing from #25 in 2011. 

    DiversityInc is considered the gold standard for ranking companies for diversity, and P&G is honored to be ranked among top peers like Sodexo and Kaiser Permanente and across a wide range of industries, including consulting, retail, manufacturing and banking. P&G has participated in this ranking for the past several years. Reaching the top five is a noteworthy milestone and a good indicator that we are indeed fostering a culture of inclusion and making diversity and inclusion a part of our DNA and all we do.


    P&G’s efforts have intensified over the past 18 months since a global strategy was implemented, headed by ChiefDiversity Officer Linda Clement-Holmes (shown at right). Reporting directly to retiring Chairman, President and CEO Bob McDonald, Linda has led the company’s strategic investments and choices in the following areas:

    • Continued investment in and engagement with our employee resource groups (called affinity groups);
    • Scaled diversity events to raise awareness and drive a more inclusive culture;
    • Implementation of flex@work, an adult business deal giving employees more options to personalize their work schedules to meet their unique style;
    • CEO commitment and involvement, including chairing P&G’s Inclusion and Diversity Council, a team comprised of P&G’s top leaders to ensure we are driving diversity and inclusion effectively, with metrics to support success; and
    • Robust supplier diversity program.

    “P&G’s jump of 20 spots is a direct result of its talent-development initiatives bearing significant results. Retiring Chairman, President and CEO Bob McDonald is a strong proponent of diversity and inclusion as a differentiator in business,” said Luke Visconti, CEO of DiversityInc. “P&G is another leader with a line executive, Linda Clement-Holmes, in the lead diversity executive role, and this is building internal credibility for diversity efforts. The results are demonstrable. For example, P&G promoted 26 percent more Blacks, Latinos and Asians into their first management positions than the average of the DiversityInc Top 50.” 

    Top 5 Companies:

    1) PricewaterhouseCoopers
    2) Sodexo
    3) Kaiser Permanente
    4) AT&T
    5) Procter & Gamble

    Beyond P&G's ranking on the DiversityInc. Top 50 list, P&G holds top spots in several other DiversityInc. rankings, including:

    • #2 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Recruitment & Retention
    • #2 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Latinos
    • #1 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Asian Americans
    • #5 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Executive Women
    • #3 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for People With Disabilities
    • #3 in The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Global Diversity

    From left: Helen Tucker, Director, P&G's Diversity & Inclusion Practice; Luke Visconti, CEO, DiversityInc; Barbara Frankel, VP, DiversityInc; Linda Clement-Holmes, P&G Chief Diversity Officer; Bridgette Porter, P&G NA Regional
    Diversity & Inclusion Leader; Jeffrey Smith, Associate Director, P&G Diversity & Inclusion Practice.
  • P&G Announced as a Times Top 50 Employer for Women

    Today The Times names P&G as one of 50 employers securing a coveted position in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2016.

    Today The Times names P&G as one of 50 employers securing a coveted position in The Times Top 50 Employers for Women 2016.  

    The unranked alphabetical list is published in partnership with Business in the Community, the Prince’s Responsible Business Network, as part of the charity’s Responsible Business Week.

    The Times Top 50 Employers for Women list involves a comprehensive and rigorous submission process managed by the gender equality campaign at Business in the Community.  To secure a place, companies have to demonstrate that gender equality is a key part of their business strategy, with consistent commitment to creating workplaces and cultures that are inclusive of women from entry level through to senior leadership.

    You can find out more here

  • JobCrowd, The Top Companies

    Our recent hires and graduates have voted us the ‘number 1 Consumer Goods company to work for’ for the second year in a row.

  • Glassdoor Employees' choice Award

    Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award

    P&G UK is delighted to be honoured with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, recognising the Best Places to Work in 2016 in the UK category.

  • Workforce 100 - #5 Best Company for HR Management

    Procter & Gamble has been ranked 5 on the inaugural Workforce 100 list of the world’s best companies for human capital management.


    Procter & Gamble has been ranked 5 on the inaugural Workforce 100 list of the world’s best companies for human capital management. Developed by Workforce, a leading magazine in the human resources field for more than 90 years and a flagship title for publisher Human Capital Media Group, the list represents the first time research and statistical analysis have been applied to ranking the impact and effectiveness of an organization’s HR function.

    This recognition is based on exceptional performance in the following areas of HR:

    - Workplace culture

    - Employee benefits

    - Diversity and Inclusion

    - Employee development/talent management

    - HR innovation/management

    - Leadership development

    - Recruiting and talent acquisition

    In compiling the list, the Workforce editorial staff worked directly with the Human Capital Media Advisory Group, the magazine’s research arm, to develop a statistically based formula that could analyze publicly available company information as well as benchmarking and ranking data. The formula was used to generate a score averaged and weighted across the seven core areas, creating a ranked list with comprehensive HR performance as the primary focus. 

    You can see more here: 

  • Making Zero Waste A Reality

    P&G announced a major milestone in our Company’s long-term environmental vision - we have achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill at 45 P&G sites worldwide. (April 2013)

    We have recently announced a major milestone in our Company’s long-term environmental vision. By changing the way we 

    see waste as a Company — from something thrown away to something with value — we have achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill at 45 P&G sites worldwide. At these sites, all of our manufacturing waste is recycled, repurposed or converted into energy. (The photo at right shows employees at P&G's zero manufacturing waste to landfill site in Missouri.) 

    But we aren’t stopping there. Our vision is to achieve zero manufacturing waste to landfill at all of our sites, worldwide.  

    Bob McDonald, retired P&G President, CEO and Chairman of the Board said, “We have a vision for the future, where plants are powered by renewable energy, products are made from recycled and renewable materials and resources are conserved, with no manufacturing or consumer waste going to landfill. Changing the way we see waste as a Company has brought us one step closer to this goal at 45 sites worldwide, where all of our waste is recycled, repurposed or converted into energy.”

    When Does Waste Have Worth?

    Right now, less than 1% of raw materials entering our plants leave as waste. We’re committed to driving that number even lower, which requires an innovative team and strong partnerships around the world. We are determined to find value in waste and we’re finding innovative ways to prove it.

    For example, what was once waste from our Charmin bath tissue plant in Mexico is now turned into low-cost roof tiles used to build homes in the local community. Now, scraps from manufacturing diapers and wipes at a U.S. Pampers site are converted into upholstery filling. And in the U.K., waste created in the production of Gillette shaving foam is composted then turned into turf for commercial use. We’re looking for value in everything, every day because we know that partnering to find value in what could have been waste is good for our business, and the environment.

    This short video shows just some of the surprising and innovative ways we’re finding value in our manufacturing waste. 

    Everyday Actions Toward a Long-Term Vision

    Over the past five years, the everyday actions of P&G people have enabled us to reduce our absolute waste by 68%. Yet, our Vision is much broader than waste – and so are our results. This year, we announced absolute reductions in our energy, waste, water and CO2 manufacturing footprints. This means we grew our business while reducing the impact we have on the environment. We’re committed to reducing these footprints even further, and continuing our journey.

  • Leading Ladies

    P&G Ranks First Among Fortune Global 200 for Women Directors in a study by Corporate Women Directors International (April 2013)

    A recent report published by Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI), a Washington-based research group, ranked P&G number one among Fortune Global 200 companies based on our percentage of women board members.

    According to the CWDI report, the overall percentage of women board directors in the Global Fortune 200 stands at 15%—and has increased only 1.2% over the past 2 years. P&G’s Board of Directors is 45.6% women (5 out of 11).

    P&G’s five women board members include Angela Braly, Susan Desmond-Hellmann, Meg Whitman, Maggie Wilderotter, and Pat Woertz.

  • Best Company for Leaders

    P&G Earns Top Spot on Chief Executive’s ‘Top Companies for Leaders’ List for the third year running (January 2014)

    Chief Executive magazine has named P&G the best overall company for leadership development in its list of the “2014 Best Companies for Leaders.” This is the third year in a row we’ve received this award. 

    In its January/February 2014 cover story, P&G is noted for placing a premium on developing people from within, judging senior managers on their ability to develop those who report to them, and a development program that includes formal and informal training.

    P&G’s formal training, known as our proven leadership development model, can be summed up like this: We hire the best, brightest and most diverse talent from throughout the world, teach them through hands-on responsibility, and coach them to drive the model to new levels of success, while always operating by our deeply held Purpose, Values and Principles.

    The P&G approach provides a breadth, depth and diversity of experience that is hard to match across any industry. For example, the average P&G President has nearly three decades of experience across multiple businesses, functions and regions. 

    A.G. Lafley, in his recent book Playing to Win, discusses how he benefited from informal “on the job” training:

    “My years at P&G afforded me ample opportunity to learn about business strategy and practice business leadership and management by doing. There, with clear accountability for strategy, operations, and results, I learned from my mistakes, lived with my failures, and appreciated on a daily basis my colleagues’ contributions to whatever success we were able to achieve together.”

    Today, A.G. mentors high achievers across all levels of the Company. 

    We're humbled by this recognition, which showcases the unique nature of our leadership development model. It also reminds us that its success is a result of the efforts of a long line of P&G employees who have managed, coached or enabled their colleagues along the way.  

    Read the full Chief Executive story here


    About the Award
    The ranking is based on a study of 1,000 firms worldwide conducted in partnership with Chally Group Worldwide, a sales and management productivity firm.Chief Executivelooks at a variety of criteria when choosing a best company: the existence of a formal development program, the amount of time a CEO is involved, the percentage of leaders recruited internally, the strength of its recruiting program and the caliber of talent, and the long-term growth of market capitalization.

  • P&G Earns #15 Spot on FORTUNE’s Most Admired List

    P&G has once again earned a top spot on FORTUNE’s list of Most Admired Companies. P&G ranked #2 in our industry and #15 overall on the 2012 list (February 2013)

    P&G has once again earned a top spot on FORTUNE’s list of Most Admired Companies. P&G ranked #2 in our industry and #15 overall on the 2012 list.


    The World's Most Admired Companies are rated on nine attributes such as ability to attract and retain talented people,quality of management, social responsibility to the community and the environment, innovativeness, quality of products or services, wise use of corporate assets, financial soundness, long-term investment value and effectiveness in doing business globally.

    Computerworld Names Clement-Holmes One of Top 100 leaders in IT


    Linda Clement-Holmes, Senior Vice President – Global Business Services Research & Development, Product Supply,and Employee Solutions, was recently named one of the Top 100 leaders in IT by Computerworld

    Each year, the magazine’s Premier 100 IT Leaders awards program honors the best and brightest IT executives. This year’s class is recognized for moving their businesses forward with potent technology and ROI-rich projects.

    Clement-Holmes is also the keynote speaker for the corresponding Premier 100 IT Leaders Conference on March 4.


  • Universum's Third Most Attractive Employer

    P&G Ranked Third amongst the World's Most Attractive employers by students (October 2012)

    Universum’s annual survey of the World’s Most Attractive Employers for 2012 was published last month, and P&G fared very well.

    P&G rose four places to #3 overall (Google #1, KPMG #2, Microsoft #4) among business students and held steady at #10 (Google #1, IBM #2, GE #6, J&J #13) among students studying technical disciplines such as engineering and the sciences.

    The #3 business ranking is the highest position P&G has ever held in the survey, which is based on Universum’s global research on the preferences of more than 144,000 students in the top 12 highest GDP countries (U.S., China, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, U.K., Italy, India, Russia, Canada and Spain). P&G jumped ahead of Ernst & Young and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, accounting firms known for their productive campus programs that have been historically entrenched in the top three spots.

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