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An important factor in your consideration of career opportunities with any company must be that portion of your total compensation that will help you build financial independence and provide protection against the unexpected for the years ahead. Salary is only a part of a well-developed compensation program. As a P&G employee, you receive more than just a paycheck. Total compensation includes your pay (base salary), benefit programs like medical insurance, life insurance, retirement plans, as well as stock purchase programs and other forms of recognition.

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  • Salary

We believe our salaries should stand out from the crowd and that is why we apply two principles when defining our salaries:

  • We pay competitively: We review our salary ranges each year through benchmarking with the finest companies that compete with P&G for market share and people and ensure our salaries are competitive.
  • We pay for performance: Salary increases happen steadily throughout your career and will vary based on your performance progression: Each employee has their own salary plan to correctly reward each individual contribution.
  • Vacation Entitlement & Holidays

Sweden: The Swedish Vacation Year (VY) runs from April to March and vacation is earned in the current VY for use in the next. Employees earn 28 vacation days pro rata or 30 days after 5 years’ service.

Denmark: Paid Vacation - vacation entitlement is 25 days pro rata. 

Finland: The Finnish VY runs from April to March and vacation is earned in the current VY for use in the next. The Finnish vacation week include Saturdays. Employees earn 2 vacation days per month during their first year of employment and 2.5 days thereafter.

Norway: The Norwegian VY runs from January to December and vacation is earned in the current VY for use in the next. Employees earn 24 vacation days pro rata or 26 days after 5 years’ service.

In addition to public holidays, two extra company holiday are granted each year.

  • Pension

Upon becoming a permanent P&G employee, an individual account (your retirement account/pension fund) will be set up on your behalf. 

We offer a simple and flexible way of saving for your retirement, by aiming to help you secure a lifetime pension when you retire.

  • Health Care

Heath Care is available for employees - details differ dependent on location.

  • International Stock Ownership Plan (ISOP)

One of P&G’s core values is Ownership. Subsequently, we do encourage stock ownership and have therefore put in place an incentivising share purchase plan.The plan enables the employee to invest in company stock.

  • Insurance

This plan offers Health/Life Insurance to all Permanent employees immediately upon joining P&G. 

  • Days off with pay

P&G offers employees extra days off with pay... 1 day if moving residence after employment has begun, 2 days in connection with marriage, 2 or 3 days in connection with funeral (for close relatives).

  • Employee Assistance Programme

Confidential telephone advice and/or one to one counselling sessions are available for free to employees, and their immediate family. This is provided by an independent provider on many subjects including legal, financial, personal problems, etc.

  • Christmas Gift

Employees are provided with a Christmas gift in December each year.

  • Sports & Leisure Club

Employees can join the company Sports and Social Club for a small monthly membership fee. Various activities are organised dependent on location.

  • Exercise Subsidy

The Company offers all employees a exercise subsidy for wellness activities each year. 

  • Service Awards

Service Award gifts are given at 5 year intervals and reflects our interest in your long-term commitment to the Company.

  • Subsidised Lunch

The Company offers employees lunch allowance that is subsidised.

  • Car Parking Spaces

For those based at head office, the company provides parking spaces (subject to permit and benefit tax).

  • Social Events

Once per year, the Company arranges Summer and Christmas parties for employees.

  • New Hire Moving Support

If you currently live more than 100 kilometers away from your new work location and as a result find it necessary to move in order to take up your employment with P&G.

Work-life Balance

We know that increasing globalisation requires connections far beyond traditional schedules. We encourage employees and their managers to focus on personalised flexibility, designed to deliver business results and enable employees to grow their careers while meeting personal needs. This can impact where, when and how work gets done.

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Working from Home

P&G employees have the flexibility to work from home, and an increasing number of us are enjoying the benefit of working from home, as and when we need to.  We think this helps to balance both business and personal life.

Flexible Working Schedule

Our unique, flexible working arrangements mean that a career at P&G can develop around the various commitments you may experience throughout the different times in your life.

Reduced Work Schedule / Part time

Employees have the opportunity to work less than a full-time schedule, eg fewer days per week, or fewer hours per day.

Personal Leave of Absence (Sabbatical)

You can take up to 3 months off after your first assignment and every 7 years without pay, but with continued benefits, to pursue individual interests.



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